Your fourth year is fully elective. You have the option to perform some electives at medical schools other than Washington University, including schools abroad. You will schedule your fourth year in late April using a lottery scheduling system.  You will have an opportunity to change your schedule until the first of December with appropriate course master written approval. The logistics of adding or dropping electives is outlined in detail in your fourth year Elective Book.

Research Electives

Research electives are also an option and there are a number of research electives listed in the back of each departmental section in your fourth year Elective Book. If you don’t find something there, you may want to contact the head of the department or the house staff director’s office for guidance. A research project must be at least 6 weeks in duration. You would be well advised, however, to consider a longer research elective to ensure a productive experience. The research elective form, which must be completed by the designated investigator and be accompanied by a letter on departmental letterhead outlining specific duties and learning expectations, is available in the Curriculum Office. These documents must be completed at least 4 weeks before starting your project.

For more information, visit the Elective Catalog Website.