Choose a Specialty

Check program web sites for information.Search AMA’s online database for programs and web links:  FREIDA
Register for National Resident Match (NRMP) September-November on the Association of American Medical Colleges’ NRMP web site. Register for Ophthalmology & Urology beginning in summer.$50 late fee if not registered by deadline.
Prepare curriculum vitae and personal statement (biosketch)Have someone else proofread these. Be sure of specific formats required for particular programs.
Arrange interview for MSPE (Dean’s letter)June & July
Have photographs takenAvoid the rush; be early
Request reference letters (start in July)Some faculty will require a meeting. Be prepared to provide a CV and/or Personal Statement. Faculty are busy. Do not leave this until the last minute. Allow at least one, if not two, months.
Send applications (check program-specific dates; especially for early match specialties)Many programs insist that all materials are received before scheduling interviews.
Arrange interviewsBe courteous to whomever answers the telephone. Department chairs sometimes pick up the telephone!


Thank you lettersAppropriate. Include any new information about yourself. Try not to be too obsequious.
Submit rank listEarly matches in January; National Match by mid-February on NRMP web site.
MATCH DAY (3rd week of March)It is strongly recommended that students be in St. Louis during Match Week. In the event a student is unmatched, it is extremely difficult for the student to scramble for a residency position if they are not physically present in the Career Counseling Office.